My Garden

My very first post about my very first garden. We started with a blank canvas and added a house, a fence, some grass and finally beginning to add some life in the form of plants and future plans. This morning really inspired me, I walked outside and the wind was howling and it was starting to spit. One of those days where the ideal way to spend it would be curled up on the couch with a cup of tea or pottering around the garden trimming and reviewing. Unfortunately not a luxury I could afford, however it got me thinking about how to improve my garden and my skills.

We are now three days into Spring and I have a couple of plants in the ground already. I spent what little bit of time I had at home this morning looking around for all my plant labels and washing them down to ensure I could collate them with our house plan so that in the future I know what plants I have put where, how to look after them, their actual names and a reference point for the next owner of this home.

I will most likely seperate them into categories such as Vegetables, Herbs, Trees, Shrubs, Annuals and Perennials. Or Something like that anyway, it will be a work in progress as I add and take away from my garden.

Plant Tags

So more on this in the coming weeks, as I have just found the labels and have not gone any further.

I did however manage to sneek a couple of minutes in between gulping down marmalade on toast and a hot cup of tea to trim up my beautiful Angelonia Augustifolia ‘Serena’ also commonly known as the ‘Summer Snap Dragon’. However this is nothing like a delicate Snap Dragon that enjoys a cooler climate, these plants enjoy full sun to part shade and thrive with being watered regularly. Because they are so rewarding with flowers I have planted them in my front garden bed. With colours from light purple through to dark purple, pink and white. As I was reading on the label by trimming them after flowering they will be encouraged to flower some more.

Angelonia Augustifolia 'Serena'

Angelonia Augustifolia ‘Serena’

I have many more plants in my front garden which I am experiementing with and will share them over time with many photos to thoroughly illustrate what I am doing. In my back garden I have grand plans for two raised vegetable beds, a chicken coop with chickens, a private patio in which you will access from the master bedroom and a fernery that runs down the skinniest side of the house. Mr. H sighs when I start talking about the garden as he is curious at how much work it will take and in which lifetime I wish to achieve it all.

It is all very exciting and ideas are just ideas and many have changed already. So I am enthusiastic and can’t wait to show you all of what I am achieving. I am a keen learner and interested in others knowledge, so if you wish to share about your garden or plants please do as finding blogs about gardening in Far North Queensland is a little tricky.

Averil xx


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